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Results Import

In this article, we will show how to import results using RaceID SuperAdmin

If you have used the RaceID platform registrations for your race but used another external timing solution without any integration to the RaceID platform you can still import your results after your race by using our results import feature in RaceID SuperAdmin.

  1. Prepare the start list

  2. Download results template & fill it with results

  3. Import the template to your race

  4. Set DNS and DNF

  5. Done!

Prepare the start list

To get all results correctly imported you need to prepare your start lists so they align with your result lists. This means every participant that is in your external start list must also be in the RaceID start list, if they are not the result import will not work. This is how you manually add participants to your start list by using the add racer feature.

Every participant also needs to have the same bib number in the RaceID start list as in your external result list. Change bib numbers in the RaceID start list can be done manually in RaceID SuperAdmin like this.

When your start list is prepared you can continue with the import of results.

Download results template & fill it with results

In the results tab for each distance, you can download a results template for that distance. It means an excel spreadsheet formatted the correct way for that distance, the only thing you have to do is to fill in your results and make sure they are in the right format (HH:MM:SS), please look at the video above if you have issues getting the results in the correct format for the import.

Import the template to your race

When the template is filled with your results, save the file and go back to the RaceID Organiser Admin to the results tab for the correct distance. Click Import and choose the correct file from your computer to upload.

If the template is filled the right way and the format of results is correct the system will upload and publish your results. If something is not filled correctly you will get an error message with information about what is wrong and what you need to change to fix it.

The most common error message is the wrong number of rows, which means your results file differs from your start list. So make sure you have the same number of participants in your start list as in the result lists you want to upload and that they are given the same bib numbers.

Set DNS and DNF

If you have participants with DNS or DNF in your result lists, add this information in the results cells in your results template file. DNS and DNF can also be set directly in the RaceID SuperAdmin after the import is done. This is how you set DNS and DNF.