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Add and Edit Results

If you are using our timing app it is possible to edit the result lists after the race is finished.

When a race has finished, the result list is synchronized from the app to the RaceID Admin website. It is possible to make manual changes in this result list.

Go to the main page for your race in Admin. When you press the name for each distance, you come to the start- and result lists.

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  1. Manually adding a result for a participant

  2. Edit/change result for existing participants

  3. Mark participants' DNS and/or DNF

Manually adding a result for a participant

By pressing (+ add result) / (+ lägg till resultat) you can manually add a person if he/she is missing from the list. If the participant already has a profile at Raceid.com, the personal information will automatically be synchronized when adding the email address. Watch this video for instructions:


Edit/change the result for the existing participant

If the participant is already in the results but requires an update, just double-click on the cell that needs to be changed and type in the change manually. Watch this video for instructions:


Mark Participants DNS and/or DNF

If a participant should be marked as DNS or DNF instead of a result, you can manually change this too. To make these changes, scroll to the right in the result list so you see the columns called "Start time/Finish time" (Starttid/Sluttid).

For participants with a start time but no finish time, their result will be shown as DNF.

For participants who never started the race, make sure the field start time is empty and their result will automatically be updated to DNS.