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Refundable booking for participants

Have you bought the RaceID refundable booking? Here is how you can claim your registration fee back and what documents you need.

Some race organizers are selling the RaceID refundable booking in the registration form to their events. Terms and conditions for refundable booking can be found here. If the organizer has chosen to activate refundable booking, you can easily choose to add it to your registration in the last step before payment.

If you have purchased Refundable Booking with your entry, you may be eligible for a refund depending on the reason you cannot participate.

If you have bought the refundable booking and with valid reason and necessary documented evidence want to claim a refund you do so here. You need your payment reference number which can be found in your receipt sent to you in your confirmation e-mail or be downloaded from your RaceID profile. If you have issues finding your receipt see detailed guide here how to find it in your RaceID profile.