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Transfer Registration as Race Participant

In this guide RaceID will show you how to transfer your registration to another participant by using your RaceID Profile.

If the organizer of the race you are registered to have activated the transfer registration you are able to transfer your registration to another participant in your RaceID Profile.

  1. Registered participant

  2. Receiving participant

Registered participant

  1. Go your profile at RaceID.com

  2. Go to "my races" and click the three dots on the right side for the race you want to transfer your registration for.

  3. Choose transfer registration.

  4. Type the email for the receiver participant of your registration.

  5. Confirm and save.

  6. An email is sent to the receiver with further instructions of how to complete the transfer.

Receiving participant

  1. Follow the link from the e-mail from RaceSupport to get to the registration form.

  2. Fill in the needed info in the form.

  3. You will not be able to change any paid extras fields when taking over a registration from someone else.

  4. Confirm and pay the fee for transfer registration set by the race organizer.

  5. When completed a confirmation e-mail and receipt is sent to your e-mail.