Refundable Booking for Race Organizers

This article will guide you as race organizers from how to activate refundable booking to how your race participants can claim a refund.

  1. Explanation of Refundable booking for race organizers

  2. Refundable booking for your participants

  3. How to activate Refundable booking for your race

  4. Material & content to share regarding Refundable booking for better conversion

Refundable booking for race organizers

RaceID offers you as a race organizer to add a refundable booking service for your event. With Refundable Booking, your athletes can book early without any worries, and you can fill your event earlier in the season. The protection covers injury, illness, extra Covid-19 protection and more (complete T&C can be found here). RaceID and our partner Refund Protect take care of all the setup, payments, and claim handling for the protection. You do your event, and we handle the administration.

The cost for this service for you as race organizers is nothing, but it is an add-on of 10% of the registration fee for the athlete who wants to buy the protection. The refundable booking is optional to buy as a race participant.

As Race Organizer you will be able to follow in RaceID Super Admin who are buying the refundable booking. You can do this in the orders section and in your participants' lists that can be found in each event and distance.


Refundable booking for your participants

The race participants who are buying the refundable booking will get information in their confirmation e-mail on how to claim a refund if needed. This process is also described here in this article.


How to Activate Refundable Booking For Your Race

  1. Go to your Distance Settings

  2. Go to "Additional" and make sure "Distance Price" is activated. Note that you cannot add Refundable Booking for free races. In case you have duplicated an old race, or want to add Refundable Booking to a race where you already set up the pricing, you may have to reset prices by deactivating the "Distance Price" option, and activating it again.

3. Once you activate "Distance Price", the option "Refundable Booking" should appear as a step at the end of the list:


4. Click on the step "Refundable Booking"

5. Make sure the tickbox to include refundable booking is ticked:


6. Save! Now Refundable Booking will appear as an option for participants when they register. They can always choose if they want to add this or not.


Material & content to share regarding refundable booking for better conversion

Communication is key they say. To get the best conversion and the best result out of RaceID refundable booking we highly recommend you communicate it well to your participants. We have prepared some material content for you to share and post on your social media and newsletter. You will find all the content for free download here.

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