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How to Handle Late Registrations?

In this article, we describe how you best handle late registrations to your event on the event day

There are two ways of handling late registrations on the event day;

  1. Your RaceID online registration form

  2. Manual by your volunteers through the RaceID SuperAdmin

Late registrations using the RaceID online registration form

If you are using the RaceID Time Keeping App or chip-timing provided by RaceID you are able to use your online registration form even for late registrations. Let your participant use their own mobile phone to register for your race. The online form (on the web or app) will automatically give the participant a bib number and place the participant on the start list directly after successful payment.

If you are using the online registration form for the late registration option make sure you have set the correct end date for your registration period, that you have the correct registration fee set and that you do not have "unnecessary" fields in your registration form that might complicate the late registration process on the event day.

Your volunteers will be able to follow the registrations coming in by using the RaceID Super Admin and hand the correct bib number as soon as the payment is completed from the participant.

Late registrations using RaceID SuperAdmin

If you prefer to close the online registration form you can manage late registrations on site using the RaceID Super Admin "add racer" feature and take payments directly outside the system to your club/company.

Tips & Tricks!

If you plan to use the RaceID online registration form to take late registrations it can be a great thing to prepare QR codes for your participants to scan on site to get directly to the registration form link. We recommend using this tool to create free QR codes. When you have created your unique QR code for your registration form, print it and let participants scan the code to register. Smooth!