Duplicate Event & Distance

In this article, we show how you can duplicate your whole event, and distances including or excluding your registered participants.

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Introduction Duplicate Event & Distance

In RaceID SuperAdmin it is possible for you as race organizer to duplicate your event or distances within your event.

This feature is perfect when you have been a customer at RaceID for a year and want to duplicate your race for the next year. Or if you have a race with many distances, and you want to duplicate the distance with all its settings, within one of your events.

If you already have registered participants and for some reason want to include all your registered participants into the duplicated event och distance you can choose to include them.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to races

  2. Click the event you want to duplicate

  3. a) Click settings in the top right corner for the event
    b) Click the small settings button for each distance

  4. a) Choose "Duplicate" and choose if you want to include participants in the duplicated event or not.
    b) Choose "Duplicate distance" and choose if you want to include participants in the duplicated event or not.

  5. Save.

  6. Edit your duplicated event by clicking the edit button.

Do not forget to go through all the settings for your duplicated event or distance. For example registration dates period, dates of event/distance, prices and settings should be checked over to make sure they are correct as they have been copied from the old event. If you want to duplicate your event/distance for a new year, make sure to double check all these settings to avoid errors later when you want to open the event for public registrations.

Video Guide